We Deliver

Our imaginative and dynamic approach to merchandising is born out of many years' experience and solid investment in robust IT systems for visibility and control. We proactively drive the whole supply chain to deliver in line with your critical path. We ensure that when issues arise we communicate quickly and transparently, supporting you in finding solutions that maintain a steadfast focus on cost benefits and crucial delivery dates.
Whether you have opted to buy on an FOB or CIF/LDP basis, we co-ordinate the timely despatch of your goods in the agreed format. On-site customs clearance and shipping management is offered as an extra benefit for CIF customers.

At Dewhirst we understand that your business depends on bringing garments to market at just the right time. Our dedicated logistics team is charged with managing and streamlining every process to ensure a competitive delivery schedule.

We optimise packing and shipping solutions to achieve freight and duty savings on your products. Our in-country offices pay attention to every detail of your consignment, from pre-release auditing to customs clearance and shipment tracking. Even when conditions are volatile we remain steadfast in our commitment to deliver your collections within viable time paths.

We minimise costs by vacuum packing garments on or off their hangers to reduce load size, whilst optimising container loading with web taping to achieve maximum space benefits. We meticulously track shipments and provide you with regular updates to monitor delivery progress. Our customs bonded distribution centres and manufacturing plants are accredited for on-site clearance and are also CT-PAT approved, significantly speeding up the transit process and avoiding risky disruptions to your shipment. As a Dewhirst customer you have the option to buy from us on an FOB, CIF or LDP basis, giving you the flexibility of budget and delivery you need.

  • A global network that adapts to your requirements
  • Pre-release auditing to meet your specified standards
  • Load and space optimisation for reduced costs
  • On-site customs clearance plus shipment tracking
  • Weekly updates on transit progress
  • Intelligent problem solving to drive efficiency