With over 40 years of experience in tailoring, Dewhirst produces men's suiting to reflect the lifestyle requirements of discerning modern consumers. Our technical skill, passion and attention to detail deliver a superb fit and finish .Our flexible services representing value for money for you and your customers.
Meticulous attention to detail achieves the high quality customers expect with the convenience they demand. High performing travel suits, business and occasion suits are specifically engineered to match your brand identity and market price point.

Formal shirts
We are experts in CAD creation of trend setting designs and technical innovation for fabric development with many of our lines achieving a non-iron rating of DP Grade 4. An intelligent response to your specification defines the most appropriate yarn counts, fit and finish for your brand, plus anti-perspiration and anti-bacterial functions, where required. We are experts in formal shirt construction, from cuff and collar design to silhouette and pleat details. The result is a fusion of unique fabrics styled perfectly whether your range is strictly business or blurring the boundaries into informal shirting.

Our formal and semi-formal trousers benefit from a comprehensive range of fabrics . From classic to contemporary, our trousers are developed to provide perfect style and comfort for the full size range. We have the capacity to deliver permanent creases, comfort waistbands, wicking, machine washability and travel durability within a flexible pricing structure.

Our expertise delivers formal and semi-formal jackets to meet today's trends, including the capability to make unstructured & garment washed product. Via our international sourcing and development offices we create the ideal fabrics for individual expression.


Our advanced design and production methods deliver on-trend men's casualwear to the correct quality. Global sourcing expertise drives contemporary fabric and construction innovation for style, performance and value.

Outerwear and Casual Jackets
Dewhirst's fabric and design advances meet industry standards in fashionable, durable outerwear. Our global manufacturing capacity equips us to achieve complex garment construction within a competitive critical path.

Our in-depth understanding of the menswear market inspires the latest styles in bombers, harringtons, quilted jackets, puffas and blazers. State-of-the-art technical capabilities in pigment dye and garment washing enable you to define your requirements with full confidence in performance and finish.
Our men’s outerwear is focused on style, fit and durability. We work with you to identify the ideal products for your marketplace driven by design, skillful use of modern fabric technologies and stringent testing from prototyping to final shipment give you complete confidence in the quality and performance of your outwear products. The result is brand confidence your customers can rely on at every price point.

  • Casual men's puffas, bombers, harringtons and quilts
  •  Blazer and trench styles
  •  Specialist finishes from casual washdown to pigment dyeing
  • Waterproof drop linings
  • Fabrics, trims and accessories tested to agreed quality standards

We have the creative knowledge and technical capability to develop and manufacture men's casualwear to your exact brief. Our design team works closely with on-site technologists and a worldwide supply chain to create casualwear blending directional looks and detailing with performance and value.
Our design and development services are closely supported by a sourcing and production infrastructure. We can adapt to market fluctuations, logistics issues and deliver critical paths, whether you opt in for specific assistance or require support from concept to consumer.

Casual shirts
Dewhirst casual shirts guarantee quality from opening to premium price points. Our skilled designers and international sourcing teams are experts in textile development, employing sophisticated CAD capabilities to execute the ideal looks for your market. Superior cut and styling detail together with constant technical advances result in lifestyle garments for today's consumers.

Casual trousers
Our casual trousers are created to match customer expectations on look, feel, functionality and price. Our designers, developers and suppliers co-operate closely to produce cost-effective cotton, corduroy, moleskin, velvet, and luxury blends. We handle complex dyes, enzyme, stone and sand washes for an authentic quality controlled finish.